Business/ Schools/ Venues testing

First labs offers turn-key solutions to safeguard your business, school or venue. This convenient service is done onsite with results in as little as 10 minutes. We are able to conduct testing at large events, utilizing trained medical staff, accurate testing and lab confirmation services and smart technology.


Individual testing

Medical Offices

Firstlabs is partnering with medical providers to provide COVID-19 testing both on and off-site. Our rapid testing solutions can give you the freedom to explore. Test results can be completed on site in as little as 10 minutes. In addition, we can provide COVID-19 clearance exams to patients with scheduled procedures and treatments. This exam will ensure your scheduled treatments proceed on time.


Bulk testing

Large Institutions

Get your workforce - COVID ready! Bring your employees back to work safely by reducing infections and preventing outbreaks with coronavirus screening. Being COVID ready means business as usual. This will allow essential employers to train their employees about infection risk during the pandemic, and monitor the risk and exposure of their own employees on a large scale with efficient, quick turnaround on results.


Covid -19 disinfectants

Coming soon...